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Tips to attract new Followers on Instagram!

It is quite known that both businesses and self-employed people, are starting to promote themselves through social media, after the making of a website.

​The majority of people ha​s the impression that ​the creation of a social media account, would ​be the start of many Followers. But this is a big mistake. Be aware that even the social media​ have their ​own ​strategy!​

Instagram is one of the most popular social media, so if you are interested ​in advertis​ing yourselves through this, you need to find a clever way to attract potential Followers.

We will show you six ways to attract new fans!​

​1. Choose a topic and remain "faithful" to it

Right now​,​ there are too many active Instagram accounts, each ​one ​with its own style and theme. Therefore, you must start by ​posing a "character" to your account​, in order to be special​. ​What is your target? To make people laugh? To show samples of your work? ​Or maybe sell?​

​2. Be consistent in your posts

You have to upload at least one ​post per day. ​In this way, you will show your ​loyalty in ​your Followers, to keep their interest. Besides, it is impossible to keep "loyal" Followers if you post once a week.

Each ​one of your ​new ​posts is a new opportunity to attract new fans. For example, if a ​post of you received many comments, certainly some of them will contain references - or tag - ​on a third ​person who ha​s​ an account on Instagram​ and who is very likely to follow you, eventually.​

​Statistically, about 95% of those who have tag​ged​ from their friends, they will show interest in the post and your account!

​3. Use the right "hashtags"

​With the new algorithm of Instagram, hashtags have gained high value. You should research and locate which hashtags are the most popular​ to your​ target audience ​and include them in your posts.

Remember to use only 30 hashtags ​per p​ost!

Make a list of your own hashtags and copy​ them​ down from your post,​ as​ a comment. Do not put them in the ​description of your post, because your message​ might "get lost" among them​​.​

​4. Add geographic area

Do not forget to add the geographic area or the places yo​ur potential fans would go. ​If, for example, you are in a famous cafe and post your coffee with a smart comment / joke, do not forget to state your location ​in hashtags. ​People who are there, are very likely to laugh at your post and ​actually​ follow you.

​5. Make your content enjoyable and ​easy to repost

Usually, ​an​ interesting and pleasant​ post is not enough​. You should ​make your followers ​want to "Share"​ it​.

If someone ​r​epost​s​ your beautiful picture, ​your ​attractive offer​,​ or your contest, you​r post​ automatically becomes interesting to other people​,​ who ​may visit your account and ​​eventually follow you!

​6. ​Tag largest and relevant accounts

​Let's say that you make a post about a famous person who wore your clothes, or had any ​kind or interaction with you. It would be good to tag ​his/her ​name and ​all ​the accounts of the people​ ​​associated with ​him/her​, such as the manager, the ​places they go, even the portals that have ​wrote something about this person.

In this way, there are great chances to obtain new Followers​,​ even from larger ​accounts!

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