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How do you transform your e-shop visitors into your future customers?

If you are the owner of an online business and you have already begun to build the marketing strategy after building your e-shop, try to imagine the following scenario:

You have begun - quite rightly - to invest in Web Marketing, to give strength to your brand and start selling online.

You reach the point where your brand has won Google’s first search results, your e-shop content is updated daily and your email campaigns have the desired results. The dream of every digital trader!

But has anything been missing? Beyond the uninterrupted traffic on your e-shop, what was the profit from your online sales last time you checked your stats? You site’s abandon rates are higher than you expected?

If so, then it’s time to review the structure and friendliness of your online store, as it can be a suppressive factor for your online sales.

So, you can start from the basics: e-shop speed, strong landing pages, clear communication with your potential customer and valuable content.

1. Speed of your e-shop

The very good speed will not only improve the position of your e-shop in Google’s algorithms, but will also be the No 1 criterion for your visitors to stay on your website! In fact, Google announced that 53% of mobile users leave any website that is unable to load in more than 3 seconds.
You should remember that mobile users are not eager to wait for a page to load on the Internet. So, if you do not provide direct access to your potential customer, it is almost certain that the first visitors will abandon your site and will not come back again.

2. Strong landing page

After the speed of your site, the landing page is the next criterion for a visitor to stay. A successful Landing Page is a page that says a few words about your business, relates to your visitor’s needs, and encourages visitors to browse through the rest of your site’s pages. These visitors are your potential customers!

3. Clear “Call to Action” buttons

Call to Action” buttons, prompt users to have instant communication with you, and usually are buttons with a contact phone, free trial (if you provide an online service),discounts such as “Click here to get -15% discount” and many more buttons that keep the user in your e-shop for more time and make him interact with it.

4. Valuable content

Nowadays, the biggest companies that have already proceed to the making of an e-shop or website, invest in powerful content marketing programs/seminars, so they can “educate” their existing customers about their product updates and market trends, through their e-shop content.

But what happens to the new visitors of your e-shop?

A high quality video, a well written and interesting Blog or even a useful Webinar, are capable of attracting new audience to your e-shop. As you attract this new audience and through your e-shop content, you managed to bring them to the pages of the product / services you are selling, then you have come a step closer to making them your direct or future customers!

Starting today, improve the structure and content of your website and you may be surprised by the results!

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