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Your customers choose the Internet! Will you be left behind?

In this episode, we'll look at some interesting statistics that prove that the Internet has changed the way people are informed, and this affects both businesses and the consumer himself.

An article published by Protothema.gr states that diaNEOsis conducted a survey during the pandemic, which proved that the majority of Greeks choose to be updated daily via the Internet, especially those who are between 17 and 39 years.

In particular, the article states that 40.1% of young people between the ages of 17 and 24 choose the digital platforms for the daily news. At the same time, the 29.6% are informed through the television, while the 12.2% are informed through Social Media.

At the same time, in this age group there is zero interest in informing through the radio, or the newspapers.

Regarding the next age group between the ages of 25 and 39, digital media accounted for 41.2%, leaving the television behind with 24.5%, the Social Media with 13.4%, the radio with 2.4%, and the newspapers with 1.5%.

On the other hand, television seems to be preferred by people with primary education, or people over 65 years old.

While television, radio, and the newspapers are losing their audience, there is an increased traffic in websites and online stores, and these businesses find significant opportunities to be advertised on digital channels.

So, the interaction people have with Web Portals, Social Media, and the various Blogs they visit daily, gives a big advantage to the brands that will choose to advertise on the Internet in order to increase their sales.

After all, people's trust in Online Shopping has increased to the maximum.

In fact, during the restrictive measures implemented in our country due to Covid-19, the online stores gave us the opportunity to cover multiple needs of our daily lives, resulting in even more increase in their popularity, but also the familiarization of the user with online shopping.

Eshops have integrated into the lives of even the most skeptical consumers, proving to businesses what the future of e-commerce is.

Some additional statistics from the same survey show that the preference for digital information is gradually increasing as the income of respondents increases.

More specifically, 19.9% ​​of people whose monthly income is up to 500€, prefer to be informed through Websites.

For people whose income is up to 1,000€ per month, this percentage increases up to 20%, for people with income up to 1,500€ and 2,000€, this percentage rises to 24.1% and 31,9% respectively. 

For people who gain up to 3,000€ the percentage increases to 37.7%, and for people who gain more than 3,000€ per month, this percentage skyrockets up to 40%.

In conclusion, freelancers, along with entrepreneurs and scientists, support digital channels at a rate of 53.7%, compared to the 26.2% who prefer the television, while in second place is given to civil servants, with the 36.8% prefer the websites as their main source of information, and television is accounting for 33.9%.

Keeping in mind these numbers, the companies are now willing to invest in online advertising, more than ever, aiming to increase their sales, boost their awareness, and survive among their competitors. Will you be left behind?

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Until the next episode, may all of you be well!

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