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6 tips to Boost your Video Views

Hello and welcome back to Web Next! Today, we will share with you 6 useful tips to help you boost your Business' Social Media videos. Before we start, we should keep in mind that Video Content is essential when promoting a brand. A user more easily captures videos since they catch the attention in a better way than a static image does, and you certainly don't want your business to stay out of this seasonal trend.

Even if you have little experience in creating Videos for Social Media you can follow some tips & tricks to get even more views!

1. The first and most important tip is to do some research before you start recording with your camera.

Creating valuable Video Content for your business without research is not the best tactic to follow. While Google stays the No 1 search engine in the world, did you know that YouTube is officially ranked second. YouTube is a search engine. So, all you have to do is create videos that people are looking for in this search engine.

A useful tool that will help you find the keywords that users are looking for is "Keywords Everywhere". You can download it and use it in your browser. This will give you the most popular results for your search term, as well as useful information like the number of searches for each title per month. This information will be especially useful for you to decide what will be the content for your next Video.

2. Another useful tip is to discover the best platforms to post your videos.

Most people just upload their Videos only on YouTube. You need to post them on all of your business platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, or any other platform your business has an existing profile. Otherwise, you lose the potential attention you can get from your customers.

Another mistake that businesses do is moving their users from one social network to another because they think that conversions come from one digital channel. For example, they are trying to get people on Facebook to go to Instagram to see their videos and content. This is not the best practice because even if they see where their users' interest and attention are, they immediately ask them to abandon their favorite platform and move to a platform they may not even use!

At this point, keep in mind that the intros and outros of your videos require special edit, depending on the platforms you use. For example, if you use Instagram as your main platform to engage with your customers and you own a coffee shop, you are more likely to upload enjoyable and friendly content. But if you use the same content for LinkedIn, you need to prioritize the target group who uses the platform and edit your intro.

3. The third and very popular tip is the proper use of tags and hashtags.

After all, it's very important to add tags to YouTube, and hashtags to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In fact, they are very important to your content and benefit your business, as Social Media users tend to follow or search with hashtags to find the desired content.

4. A fourth tip to help you increase the engagement of your videos is to use subtitles.

Did you know that in 2018, 85% of people who watched a Video on Facebook viewed it with deactivated audio? If you upload videos and do not add captions, you are more likely to lose a significant number of views. YouTube has the ability to add automatically captions into videos that you can download and then upload to Facebook. This will save you a lot of time.

But what happens if you have a video that doesn't have "Voice Over"? Even in this case, it's important to add captions with your offer or your company's logo in the first few seconds of the Video to get the user's attention.

5. The next important tip is to improve your Thumbnails.

You might have heard the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover". After all, the cover sells the book, and many noteworthy books have not been sold because of their cover. The same applies to a Thumbnail. If it's good, then people will click on your video. The photo of the Thumbnail is very important.

As a start, use photos that evoke intense emotions, such as joy, fear, or excitement, rather than a simple photo that does not elicit any emotion.

The second thing to keep in mind is the text that appears in the photo. This text should be supplementary to the title of the video, and at the same time not too large, so that it can be easily read by mobile users.

6. The sixth and most important tip we will share with you today is to create videos intended for direct messages in your potential customer's Inbox.

For example, if you are a B2B company and someone leaves a comment stating that he is interested in your services, a great move is to record a Video with your Selfie camera, thanking him and telling him a few words about your services, through a direct message. Your answer becomes very personalized and he is more likely to respond because he feels obliged to do so once you have approached him so personally.

Do you want more? Visit www.netplanet.gr and discover Video Content that will help you boost your business' Digital Marketing. If you are still looking for a trusted partner to help you boost the quality of your Social Media content, NetPlanet - a Certified Premier Google Partner - has all the specialized people & tools that will help you achieve your goals.

Until the next episode, may all of you be well!

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