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4 tips to attract clients on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over 645 million users worldwide and has become one of the most important digital tools for building relationships in the business world.

While many people use it to increase their network or to find new job opportunities, there are also many companies that take advantage of the platform's capabilities to increase their customer base. In fact, a "cold" LinkedIn connection can help you attract new customers, just like phone calls or emails.

By using some good tactics so that you don't become annoying, and not try to sell in a desperate way, you will be more likely to turn LinkedIn contacts into customers.

1. Let's start with the first and very important tip: Use LinkedIn's search field in a smart way.

LinkedIn has over 90 million senior-level influencers and over 63 million decision-makers using the platform. This is an opportunity for B2B marketers who can make these people adapt to their products or services. It is very crucial to get to know your target audience before you even try to communicate with them. Learning more information about the company and the person you are targeting will help you identify your common interests or the problems they are dealing with. In this case, you may be the one to help them!

2. A second way to attract potential customers on LinkedIn is to personalize your communication.

A simple LinkedIn connection will not lead to the results you want. Instead, you need to personalize your messages in order to encourage action and sales. For example, you can send a personalized message and state something interesting for the person you are addressing or quoting something specific from their profile, or from the content they have posted.

In this way, you increase the chances of connecting with this person and strengthen your opportunities to make a very good start in communication between you two!

3. The third and most effective way to connect with potential customers is to add value to the content you share.

In order to make LinkedIn effective for your sales, it is very important not to try to sell as soon as someone accepts your connection request. Instead, you should add value and regularly share content on your profile that reflects the industry, the interests, and the actual needs of your customers.

To achieve even better results, you can share news, statistics, or experiences from your own work. Do not hesitate to share case studies on how your products or services have helped other customers! This information could have a big impact, as a LinkedIn survey found that 91% of marketing executives find that this platform is a great way to find high-quality content! Using these tactics, you provide your customers or buyers with a more remote and relaxed way to find out what you have to offer.

In addition, depending on the type of content you create and share on the platform, you give your audience the chance to get to know you better. You will achieve an increased sense of trust to the potential customer and a discussion between you regarding the sale as long as the communication is done in the right way.

Keep in mind: It is important not to disturb your potential customers with persistent personal messages about your content! Share content on your profile so they can search for it at their own pace. However, be sure to monitor users' interactions with your content in order to identify who is most interested in. After that, send personal messages about your content only when it is very relevant to each person and you can personalize it.

4. The fourth and very important tip is to transfer the discussion offline.

While LinkedIn can become a reliable platform to reach new customers, it is not the place to "close" the sale. For this reason, you should always prepare the customer to engage with you offline. Depending on the sales methods and what works best for your customers, seek for a phone call, a video chat, or even better a face-to-face meeting.

In any case, you must not forget that Social Media requires time and energy to work beneficially for your company.

If you are still looking for a reliable partner to help you with the Social Media Marketing of your business, NetPlanet - a certified Premier Google Partner - has the specialized team, and also the know-how to achieve the maximum results!

Until the next episode, may all of you be well!

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