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4 Common Mistakes That Block Your Sales on Social Media!

Hello and welcome to Web Next!

Today, we will mention 4 common mistakes in Social Media that are probably blocking your sales.

As you may know, Social Media are some of the most popular online sales platforms. That doesn’t mean that everyone succeeds! Many brands are fending off their goal by focusing strictly on sales, without spending time to engage with their audience. Whether online or offline, the most important component of a successful sale is the relationship you build with your customers.

The first mistake that blocks your sales on Social Media!

The first major mistake is to treat social media as a promotional channel: While social platforms seem to be the perfect place to communicate your products or services, you should be careful. There is a chance that you may be ignored, or offended by your potential customers.

On the other hand, if you want to create suitable circumstances for real conversations, you will achieve more sales in the long run. Think of it as a virtual networking event and use social media platforms to find people you want to connect with and build relationships through discussions and related content.

The second mistake that blocks your sales on Social Media!

The second mistake we notice on social media is that brands ask for something before they establish a relationship of trust. Nowadays, it is difficult to build trust with a person, especially when it comes to online platforms. People have lost their trust in the business world, which makes them more skeptical and suspicious. No one wants to feel exploited.

So, asking them to buy your products or services, before they even trust you, might be really difficult. Start by listening to them carefully on Social Media. Get to know them, the challenges they face, and the language they use to express their problems.

Having a deep understanding of your customers' temperament could give you the advantage of interacting with them. Reinforce this relationship through reciprocity by providing useful and interesting content.

The third mistake that blocks your sales on Social Media!

Another mistake we notice on social media is the short survey that brands make about their customers. The full research is so important and it can make a big difference between closing a sale and taking no response from a potential customer. Particularly in the digital age, there is no excuse for not investing your time in online research of your potential customers.

Showing your effort can make a huge impression on your customers. For example, if you would like to sell your product or service to a particular company, look for it in detail before approaching it. Acquire a complete impression for the company, look for the decision-makers, its customers, its competitors, and the industry in which it operates. This information will help you identify what is important to them and what motivates them. This will enable you to send personalized messages and suggestions to your audience.

The fourth mistake that blocks your sales on Social Media!

A fourth and very common mistake you might have been doing is publishing arbitrary content: Posting random content that is not related to your company will be a waste of time and will damage your brand's image. Customers who are experiencing the early stages of a sale, they are just looking for valuable information. The time they are ready to communicate with a company, they are more likely to turn to the one who provided them with the best, most complete and useful information during their research. And of course, you want to be that one person whom they will turn to first.

To do this, stop posting plain promotional content for your company. After all, you will know what your customers are dealing with and what motivates them. Use this knowledge to create unique and specific content for them. Become the specialist that can really help them! So, what matters in your attempt to sell through social media are the customers themselves. Keep them at the center of every decision you make and you will win the sales game!

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Until the next episode, may all of you be well!


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