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At NetPlanet we build anything related to the Web from scratch. With 20 years of experience and complex constructions, we are able to cover all your special needs.

We can manage:

  • Web Software for Eshops or Websites
  • Web Software for ERP / CRM
  • Web Applications for Mobile or Desktop
  • Web Applications for E-Banking, Logistics & Transportation
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • TV Stations On Demand

Confidentiality agreement!

Before sending your Brief, we warrant that the data and information you provide to us will not leak and we can sign to any confidentiality agreement associated with your Project.

Contact the C.E.O.

By filling the form below and for privacy reasons, NetPlanet's sales & communication department is bypassed and you can contact directly the C.E.O.

Forget about intermediaries or the listing of your request in our database!


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