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Heel Fashion

Heel Athens Lab
B2B/B2C Eshop
The Company

More than a clothing company, the HEEL Fashion workshop proposes an alternative manufacturing model, based on teamwork, equality and work on fair terms. The company fits into a world of creativity, resistance, and freedom, by designing and manufacturing in Greece.

HEEL is constantly searching for ideas and ways to recycle all materials and fabrics, contributing to sustainable development. The company chooses raw materials, friendly to both human and environment.

The fashion consciousness that characterizes the team of HEEL Fashion is not just another term of communication marketing, but a goal for a better future.

  • The Project

    With fanatical enthusiasts and customers around the globe, HEEL's marketing plan included the design & development of a dynamic Eshop that would appeal to a particular audience looking for alternative lifestyles and clothing options.

    The design of the Eshop had to be 100% Custom to match the brand's philosophy and of course, it should have the ability to be upgraded at any time, but also to readjust some of its elements, depending on the visitor's continent.

    At the same time, it should have a CMS, with an easily manageable database, easy to use and completely customized to meet the needs of the brand, as well as its customers.

  • The Eshop

    The Eshop was designed by NetPlanet, following all the UX/UI trends by Google and Adobe, in order to provide excellent user experience, and at the same time to highlight the multidimensional style of HEEL's clothing.

    Afterward, we created a system with simultaneous display of its prices in 5 different currencies, in order to serve the different customers of the brand, around the globe.

    The demanding order management of an Eshop that serves loyal customers globally, requires an extremely handy, secure & fast CMS. That's why we connected the Eshop with NetPlanet iCMS and right now, the management of the warehouse, the orders, and the content is made very fast and with the maximum security.


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